How to Create the perfect Music Festival Look!

How to Create the perfect Music Festival Look!

Some would call me a festival junkie! I’ve been going to EDC every year since 2017 and have since added new festivals under my belt in California, Ohio, and many other states. I just love “sparkling” in my truth and dancing all day (and night!) to my favorite artists. I particularly love coming up with new looks based on themes or different color schemes. Each festival is a new opportunity to express yourself and open the door for conversation with new friends. In preparation, I wanted to share a few things that are a must when putting together the perfect ensemble!


Makeup, Glitter, & Face Gems

Experimenting with makeup is definitely something everyone can get into despite your skill level. I’m usually a neutral and pink tone type of gal, so when its time to go to a local show or travel for a new festival, I always love going all out for a change! 

Shocking pinks, tangerine oranges, smokey purples, and pigmented blues are all fun colors to play with! Some great ways to mix it up is to use color for an unexpected but dramatic eyeliner look, a vibrant shadow combination, or to highlight your cheeks with a colorful highlight. I personally love using palettes from colourpop and the urban decay all nighter spray to keep my look in place!

My favorite medium to play with is glitter and temporary tattoos! There are many color combinations that can be created or added to accent your look. They can be used to shape your brows, highlight your shoulders, and create unique body accents. 

Now it’s time for finishing touches! Besides Glitter, adding Gems are a foolproof way to add an extra layer of drama, with a professional touch. They can be used as a major chest piece, facial accents, 3D body shapes, and as a centerpiece for your hair…Gypsy Shrine and Dolls Kill are both great resources for ideas and products.



There are multiple options whether you decide to add in colorful extensions or silver hardware into Box Braids, Glitter, or flowers woven throughout a long ponytail. However, you should consider the type of festival you are attending and how high maintenance the look can be. If you’re camping for days on end braids are a tried and true go to. Weaving in extensions can also help them last longer and take some of the stress off of your natural hair. If you have the luxury of getting ready at home or going to a salon before heading out into the city, then the world is really your oyster! For more ways to make your hair pop feel free to even add in gems and create cool designs that match your ensemble.



Having a conversation starting piece can turn a simple outfit into an instagram moment. This is where you can get really creative! Based on the type of festival and the level of “fashion” you can really go all out. Of course, I have a few tried and true things that add a little something extra. Delicate Body chains, Harnesses (holographic, metal, leather, etc.), fringe, Large designed fans (Daftboy is a great resource), Diffraction or LED Glasses, and even whimsical pool floats (like these!) can add much needed fun.

Time to Sparke!