My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing the beginnings of summer. Unfortunately, the midwest takes quite a while to get there but once it does, the city blossoms into a glorious, sunny oasis. Full of golden sunlight, vibrant music, and carried laughter from crowds of people talking excitedly in the streets.

I’m sad to report though that behind that excitement is a twinge of sadness. Every year it seems that summer gets a little shorter and shorter and I’m always left wishing I had done more or tried more things before that fall breeze begins to settle in.

However, I’m determined this year to not miss a thing and luckily a good friend of mine recently moved to the city and gave me the brilliant idea of making my own summer bucket list! 

Not only is it an exciting idea but it’s a great way to add more meaning milestones with family, friends, and any romantic couples! So today I just wanted to share my list in hopes it’ll inspire you to create your own…