Improve Your Morning Routine in 5 Easy Steps!

Improve Your Morning Routine in 5 Easy Steps!

I could barely remember the last time I didn’t feel like I wasn’t in an infinite rush to the office. The only time I could catch my breath was after sitting at my desk after clocking for the day. The events before were always comprised of snoozing my alarm to the last minute, jumping into a trusted—and repeated—outfit, and rushing to meet the bus so I’d have time to grab a hearty breakfast before sitting down at my desk.

After repeating feeling the rush of anxiety I decided enough was enough! I didn’t want to start my mornings in a frenzy and ever since I switched up my routine I feel much more refreshed, relaxed, and ready to get to work!

Workout in the Morning

Somehow, I was born a morning person in my younger years. Even on the weekend, I would get up at 7am, eat my Lucky Charms, and wait for everyone else in the house to wake up around noon. However, once College hit, somehow I made the transition to a night owl and once I graduated, it became a permanent change. 

Every morning I heard my alarm ring I was filled with dread and could never seem to feel actually rested. Trust me when I say, I could’ve never imagined myself waking up at 5am to to go to a yoga class but it’s true what they say, “life is full of surprises!”

However, things don’t happen overnight either. Last year I just started working out regularly after work. So this year I wanted to challenge myself just to make it to one morning workout. Just to see what it was like and I’m so happy I did!

Now I feel energized, peaceful, and no longer rushed now I have extra time to run errands or grab a latte in the morning. Moving gracefully through the day is a game changer!

Wake up 30 minutes earlier 

However, if the morning workout seems too far out of reach, aim for waking up 30 minutes earlier. Now this advice is mainly for those like me that can’t seem to hit snooze enough, lol! Having an hour to get ready before bed ensures that I don’t leave the apartment in such a rush that I forget my work keys or other essentials I need for the day!

Plan the Night Before

This also relates to the two previous points as well. Having my yoga bag ready to go with wallet, keys, workout clothes, and makeup (If I have plans after work) makes it easier for me to run out the apartment at 5am in the morning for sure! No more digging around in the dark or having to quickly decide what to wear only to realize that executives are in the office or I’m not dressed according to plan.

Wake up to Music

Most of my childhood was being jarred out of my sleep by relatives—and even sometimes still when I stay with family. As you can guess this is certainly not how I like to start my day…the same goes for when I am choosing an alarm tone. I don’t why so many people shock themselves awake! Start your day with a nice energizing beat or a slow building melody. Not only are you setting the tone for your day, but your ensuring that you wake up feeling nicely lulled out of your sleep. 

Shower at Night

There are multiple benefits to taking a shower in the afternoon rather than the morning! Not only is it relaxing, it also helps regulate blood pressure, remove tension, improve sleep, reduce breakouts, and lastly, cut down on the time you need to get ready in the morning. You might be surprised what a lot of pollution and wear and tear of the day gets washed away!