3 Meditation Apps to Kickstart Your Day (or Night)

3 Meditation Apps to Kickstart Your Day (or Night)

It’s no secret that meditation has been booming in the past couple of years as more and more people are embracing it. By the end of the week I always seem to let my fears and anxiety completely clutter my brain and meditation is something that has truly helped me to hit “reset” and live in the present.

I used to have a mediative ritual every night and sage my crystals that needed cleansing that I used that day. Of course, life always seems to get in the way and I have fallen off. Time seems to pass so quickly before I get in bed but why shouldn’t I use technology to my advantage?

These are my favorite apps that I have been using lately to get myself back in the habit and It has definitely been making a difference in my week!


One of the most popular options, HeadSpace is narrated by Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. You’ll start by creating personalized plans based on identifying your goals, measuring meditation experience, and sending daily reminders. Whether a beginner or seasoned guru there are ton of meditation lengths and upgraded options. There’s also meditations geared towards helping you through mini meltdowns or emergencies so it’s also useful away from home.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer uniquely lets you connect with friends (a great way to create accountability if this is one of your goals) and offers a free seven day tutorial to get you started. You can also join groups to share experiences and just discuss related topics. There’s also a premium so that you can unlock special features such as offline listening and night mode for those that may want to take advantage before bed or on the go.


I LOVE that this app really forces me to take a time out to focus on how I’m feeling presently. Based on what you record, then you’ll received customized mediations for improving or building on your mood. Over time, noticing the trends in my moods and other influences (such as sleep patterns) help me feel better prepared to get ahead of days where I may not be in the best mood.

How to Get Started

Of course downloading the app is the easy part. Set aside just five minutes either at the start or end of your day. Committing to this for one week is a great way to jump in and start building the everyday habit. Continually increase week by week and before you know it, you’ll notice a ridiculous difference in your mood and energy!