How to Make Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

How to Make Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

It's that time of year again. To reflect on the past and see the future through renewed, hopeful eyes. Year after year when the clock strikes midnight I’m always filled with curiosity at what New Year magic will bring my way… However, one thing is for certain … I will be Setting Goals and making a New Vision Board!

I’ll be the first to admit that I am absolutely guilty of falling off after setting new goals, sometimes repeatedly! However, the secret is to setting goals is to do so with authenticity!

Recognize What You Actually Want

It seems obvious but it is hard to set authentic goals. Social media, family pressures, and even our friends are major influences on the choices we make whether we realize it or not. We often fall into our own traps when we are not truthful with ourselves. Don’t get distracted by Instagram posts or the background noise of others voices. Tune into your own needs and focus on what you want to see change in your life and why. There’s a reason why we put more effort into the things that really speak to us rather than chasing what we feel we “need” to be doing.

Create a Plan

Usually, we write down an intention or a goal but don’t create an action plan. However, that’s the most important step! Set your goal, but create actionable steps and a deadline to reach it. For example, if being healthier is your goal. Then your Action Plan would be to focus on having more “colors” on your plate or figuring out what foods make you feel more energized during the day. The goal is permanent, but the action plan can be adjusted as you go along. Just make sure to keep going!


Whether its something small as checking in with a friend or putting down the money upfront for a new membership, creating accountability is crucial. Making new habits isn’t easy and knowing that someone is cheering you on or there would be a loss if you didn’t follow through always motivates you to keep going! Find what your motivation is (money, letting friends know your goals, social media challenges, setting personal training appointments, etc.) and use it to your advantage.

Forgive Yourself

You also can’t achieve your resolution without a single mistake. Sometimes you’ll sleep in instead of cleaning out your closet like you’ve been planning to do or miss a gym class. That’s okay! Don’t let one mistake discourage you from your goal. Just keep moving forward. Once you learn to forgive yourself, it’ll be much easier to move along and try again tomorrow. It’s never too late to change…

Be Happy Now

Sometimes when working towards a goal you think that that’s where your happiness can be found and while the goal is important, it’s even more important to let yourself be happy with where you are now. Don’t dismiss your past accomplishments and let yourself enjoy the journey along the way…otherwise once you reach your destination, you’ll find nothing but something new to stall your progress. Living in the moment is something we can all use more of. There’s a reason they say, “there’s no time like the present!”