Yoga Bag Essentials

We all know January is the time to start hitting the gym again with hopes of making it a consistent practice. I can definitely say I worked out more last year but this year I really want to find my groove between feeling happy and energized.

Not only does it make me forget about my problems for an hour (mostly because I’m focusing on breathing for survival, haha) but it also leaves me feeling more centered, compassionate, and mindful after class. These are just a few of the things I like to bring with me for the day!

Yoga Mat Bag

Unfortunately, there will be plenty snow between now and Spring to justify splurging on this super cute waterproof bag courtesy of lululemon - or so I’ve told myself, shhhhh. I love that it has a separate compartment for sweaty workout gear and the handle doubles as a yoga strap! My two favorite things in one place - fashion and function!

Hygiene Wipes

I usually practice in a heated studio so hygiene wipes are a must after a sweaty practice. I never see anyone talk about this but I have definitely paid the price for not having time or an open space to shower before going home. Always make sure to keep yourself clean and dry after a workout and don’t wear underwear during. If you buy good quality high waisted leggings then you won’t have to worry about sheerness. Trust me, fabrics that wick moisture make all the difference.

Insulated Water Bottle

Everyone and their dog pretty much has an insulated water bottle now but it’s so satisfying having a sip of cold water during a hot yoga class or any type of heated exercise. Otherwise prepare to suffer with lukewarm water in a 105 degree room, trust me on this one. I still have flash backs whenever I forget my water bottle, haha!


Natural Deodarant isn’t necessary but I find that I am much happier without the chemicals. The transition while your body is detoxing is rough but I’ve never had a bad day since! Now my body feels and smells like healthy skin.

Yoga Mat

Okay, I wasn’t intending to write through each item but alas great products deserve a little praise right? You’ll notice that I did not include a yoga mat towel and that’s because I have the grippiest mat ever, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat! For months, I struggled with sweaty palms and slipping towels before discovering this jewel. It is not for traditional hot yoga but works for every other sweaty yoga sequence you can think of. My downward dogs are stable and I’m happy as a clam!

Hair Ties

Hair ties. Where are the hair ties? They litter my desk and home but miraculously disappear when I get to the studio or gym! I decided to buy a set specifically to sit in my yoga bag and let me say, it’s been a huge game changer!


What can you lot live without in the gym?