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5 Ways to Practice More Kindness

Larissa EldridgeComment
5 Ways to Practice More Kindness

Valentine’s Day is traditionally known for celebrating that special someone in your life who makes your heart beat a little bit faster and makes you feel warm fuzzies on the inside! But what about family, trusted friends, and even strangers who could use a little more kindness in their day? Here are some ways to practice a little more empathy and kindness today and after!

Be Aware

We all have bad days but we shouldn’t let our energy negatively impact others. It’s unfair to those around us and can contribute to making ourselves feel even worse later. Focus on resetting your mind and not being reactionary. Changing perspectives on a situation or practicing a quick meditation can get you back to equilibrium.

Follow Up

Everyone you know is going through something. Let your friends know you care by following up on an issue they’ve told you about. It could be as simple as sending a text or inviting them over for a glass of wine and conversation. They’ll leave feeling more valued and appreciated as a friend.

Help a Stranger

Open a door for the person behind you, compliment someone whose outfit you admire, or hold the train door open for a person running to the platform. These are all things that take five seconds but can have a real impact on someone else’s day. We’re all here on this earth, why shouldn’t we help each other out?

Give Hugs

Giving a hug to a friend can lift their spirits and signals that they are loved and appreciated. Even better, it releases oxytocin, a “love drug” that lowers cortisol (the stress hormone), blood pressure, and increases connection. Feeling anxious or disconnected, Greet your friend a hug when you see them today!

Put down your Phone

We all have that friend that always has their eyes glued to their phone. Getting someone’s undivided attention is rare. Practice by turning your phone on silent at dinner or placing it facedown on the table. This goes a long way to show that you care about who you are with and that you appreciate their presence. Show the same respect you would hope to receive.