3 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

3 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

I had no idea that there were so many benefits from using natural oils! It seems insane, I know, but after seeing tea tree oil on the shelves of my favorite store for years I decided to finally try it and see if it worked for me. Wow, am I glad I did!


I have to confess. I do not have great balance and have been know to be a major klutz in my younger years. Now I'm much better (Thanks to yoga, yay!) but I still bump into a table or manage to obtain a scar from out of nowhere now and then. Because Tea Tree Oil has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to clear up any scrapes you encounter. Depending on how bad it is, I'll have to re-apply every other day or so until the coast looks clear.

Blemish Control

Just like toothpaste, tea tree oil can be used as a remedy for clearing up blemishes. I usually use a Q-Tip just to dab it directly on the blemish before falling asleep. The next day there's a noticeable difference in the size and overall appearance. Sometimes, if its a particularly stubborn one I will repeat as needed. I have also found that this coupled with Lysine Supplements help stop cold sores in their track as well.


Unfortunately, I also suffer from dandruff as well. It's a very inconvenient struggle. I have tried many methods from changing up my wash routine to moisturizing hair products. It seemed that nothing could lessen those pesky flakes showing up like clockwork after one week's time. Thankfully, I decided to try this for my scalp after reading about the antimicrobial properties. I've definitely noticed a decrease in the time frame and I love the tingly feelings as I'm washing my hair. I usually mix a drop or two into my shampoo and use my conditioner as normal. If I feel I need it, then I'll dab a bit on my scalp before going to sleep.

*These are benefits I have noticed from personal usage. I am not a medical professional so please do your own research and skin patch tests to decide if Tea Tree Oil can be beneficial to you too!