Larissa Eldridge

How to Dispel Truths about Yourself

Larissa Eldridge
How to Dispel Truths about Yourself

Belief is such a powerful tool. It’s the difference between perception and reality. We all have this running script in our head about who or what we are. Thoughts like “I’m just a shy person” or even “I have ” but are they really true? I spent my whole adolescence thinking that I had an undesirable body just because other people said so. But did I really not like my body? No. In fact, there were things I loved about it, but because I started to believe them, it became true.

Four years later, I have just now started to trust my own truth again. Today I want to challenge you to rewrite your own story by practicing on eliminating negative thoughts and truths.

Changing Your Truth

Step One: Write any negative "truths" or "beliefs" you have abut Yourself

I am not skillful or good enough to excel at work.

Step Two: Flip the Statement

I feel that I am not good enough to excel at work because of my lacking skillset.

Step Three: Ask

Is it true? How can I change it?

Before even reaching the last step, writing down your thoughts on paper and really analyzing how you reached a predetermined conclusion will provide insight and allow yourself to really see that there is more to the story than what you tell yourself (and that change is possible).

Special Mention for the "Rewriting Your Self-contracts" Workshop with Melissa Renzi at Room to Breathe (A very special combined yoga and integrative psychotherapy practice in the Chicago-land area). This was one of the tools I was given to help me live in my own truth and move through the world more authentically this year.