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I’m a former Southern Belle turned City Girl, with a fondness for smelling aromatic tea leaves, feeling the sun kiss my skin, and living in the present as much as possible. Since I was a teen I was always obsessed with how I could live my best life while helping others do the same so naturally I moved to the city to pursue a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Human Development during college.

Sounds Perfect, Right?

Ironically, I spent months in a continuous cycle of anxiety, depression, and self destructive behaviors that only grew worse after graduating. At the time I knew I was unhappy and that I needed to make better choices, but I had no idea how to push through the negative voice in my head or reclaim my lost confidence. I had never felt so much loneliness, hatred, and hopelessness since self-harming in my earlier years.

Thankfully, after meeting an encouraging group of girlfriends, I decided that I needed to finally take back control of my life and focus on creating more joy in my life instead of trying to drown out my unhappiness only to wake up to the same problems the next day. I couldn't control the circumstances I was in but I didn’t want to continue building my future through regretful decisions and shame. Slowly I began practicing yoga again, eating what made me feel good, and began focusing on what made me truly happy. Before long, my life began to shift and so did my mind too.

It all starts with Love. 

I had finally started to feel centered because I was showing myself the love I was desperately seeking. I had spent so many years mentally and physically harming myself, that it became my only reality.

Wellness isn’t something you do, it’s how you show yourself you care.

Girl Meets City is my way of sharing my journey to create moments of joy in everyday life while inspiring other women to find their own balance. This isn’t about perfection but committing to being authentic, mindful, and open to the possibilities we are granted each and every day.

Let’s Reclaim Our Power Together…